Yggdrasil: digital


The world tree and its realms, upper, middle and lower, are found across the ancient world. Through my esoteric practice I have been made aware of the tree being the nervous system, the realms are internalised. This image was drawn from a vision, whilst in gnosis, depicting Yggdrasil in human form.

At the core of the shaman’s cosmology, across the globe, is the world tree, that supports the three realms, upper, middle and lower. I initially created altar canvas stencil designs, rooted in the Indo-European symbols and culture I had been studying. Seen below, it was a rendering of my understanding of the Hittite seal of royalty, which I believe represented an ancient rite, going back to Neolithic times, and Gobekli Tepe. As my esoteric practice deepened, meditations and trances led me to consider the nervous system, as a tree. With the neural pathways of the brain as branches and the spinal column and nerves as the roots. This was supported by an observation out walking in the local forest, witnessing a decaying tree, and seeing the denser core pronounced, against the more eroded wood. Further trance work led to the vision that would be rendered as the digital version of Yggdrasil and my Northern European shamanic practice would center on this knowledge, focusing on the nervous system as the highway for journeying.

Below are examples of the evolution of Yggdrasil, back into an analogue form, using lino cut and drip paint. Creation of contemporary archaic artifacts, that follow the Folk Graff aesthetic, and can be employed as magickal focus, for travelling. Upon completion of the first painting, my partner and I were surprised to see a form that resembled the figures we had met in whilst journeying. The art continues to evolve in novel ways further illustrating the great Mystery.

Below are the latest evolution of Yggdrasil, as inter-dimensional entity, denizen of hyperspace.

Hyperspace Denizen: canvas 2019

Inter-dimensional entity from beyond the veil. A2 canvas, marbling, 4 colour lino print, Grog FMP graffiti paint.