MIMIR: the headless one

Here are sketches I received from vision trance and the subsequent web image I found directly after whilst searching online for ‘Mimir’ and ‘Neanderthal’. This was the start of my fascination with MIMIR.

MIMIR’s existence in Anglo Saxon and Norse mythology outlines him as being from a separate tribe (Jotun = giant/devourer) from the gods, and the guardian of the sacred mead that provides knowledge and creativity. During a conflict between the gods, he is decapitated, but Woden continues to seek his wisdom by speaking to his severed head. My contemporary understanding is that the tales of Mimir represent a legacy of ancient homo sapien contact with other hominids, such as Neandethals. That MIMIR was a venerated shaman, akin to Woden and Freya, who utilised an entheogenic brew or Soma, the famous mead of legend (see The Mead and the Maiden by Maria Kvilhaug), and undertook the headless rite. (see Star.Ships by Gordon White (Scarlet Imprint))

The work here is offered in respect and devotion to this ancestral path.

MIMIR: lino print on found framed art (2019) AP

MIMIR: lino print on found framed art (2019) AP

 MIMIR skull lino prints on various handmade and specialist papers available at the shop.

MIMIR: framed GOLD 2019

Neanderthal skull lino print on glass. Re purposed found framed art, traditional relief ink, blackout paint.

dimensions: 35cm x 2cm x 35cm

MIMIR lino print mounted in re-purposed frame (artists own)

This range of MIMIR lino prints are available exclusively from The Art Hound Gallery