Spirit Hare.jpg


Totemic animals and figures

The dots in my work represent the shaman’s psychedelic perspective, demonstrated in ancient art across the globe. I take found objects and ornaments and repaint them to reveal their spirit form.


The polar bear is the first in a range of totemic spirit animal stencils I am painting, first on found framed art, and then onto art paper. I love to play with finishes and textures, with the matt acrylic paint and varnish contrasting with the shine of glass and blackout paint. The pictures change depending on angle of view and the light source.

Polar Bear spirit: framed 2019

Airbrushed stencil polar bear skull on glass, with airbrushed coat (varnish) stencil of polar bear silhouette on re-purposed found framed art. Found framed art, blackout paint, acrylic, matt varnish

dimensions: 51cm x 2cm x 65cm


After painting the original 2-part hand cut stencils as exclusive pieces on art paper (black & grey), the very very limited series of a one piece hand cut stencil has also been released exclusively via The Art Hound Gallery, on two Stonehenge papers. Each one unique.